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Internet Explorer Password Recovery

Internet Explorer Password Recovery recovers lost or forgotten saved passwords for any Internet Explorer password protected applications. Software support multilingual password recovery and similarly unmasks Windows application passwords. Password recovery utility unmasks and reveals the passwords hidden behind asterisks (********) characters.

Passwords and user logins which you have saved on the computer system by selecting the “Remember my Password and User ID” check box in your messenger application can be effectively recovered by the password recovery software. Instant password recovery software tool proves beneficial for the webmasters, computer professionals and people who tend to forget their user ID’s and passwords.

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Internet Explorer Password Recovery
Internet Explorer Password Recovery

Software Recovers :

  • Lost or forgotten internet explorer saved passwords list.
  • Email accounts, Newspaper group.
  • Identity passwords, Online shopping.
  • Asterisks (*****) character password.
  • Magazine subscription, Web forms, Auto complete passwords.
  • Multilingual, Dial up passwords, Username from auto complete fields.
  • FTP Account passwords instantly.

Software Features:

  • Retrieve all IE saved passwords and unmask password protected Windows applications.
  • Password recovery software supports all major versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Support recovery for bilingual passwords.
  • Allow saving the retrieved passwords at the user specified location.
  • Step-by-step help manual is provided to make the work simple and faster.